Handmade Floral Patchwork Bohemian Cotton Hippie Yoga Pants Maroon Tones


Experience the ultimate in bohemian fashion with our stunning cotton patchwork pants handcrafted in Nepal by skilled women artisans. These pants feature a unique mix of colorful patterns, embodying the free-spirited and artistic nature of boho style. Made from soft light weight and breathable cotton, they are perfect for a relaxed and comfortable fit. Whether you're wandering through a festival or enjoying a day out, these pants will add a touch of eclectic charm to your look. Every garment is created with care and is free of child labor.

Approximate Measurements:

Waist - 26" to 34"
Waist - 26.5" to 35"
Waist - 27" to 36"
Waist - 28" to 38"



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