What is boho style clothing: know your bohemian techniques

Have you ever wondered what makes the bohemian clothing so stylish? What is boho clothing and how is it different? Well, there is no certain way to describe what bohemian style of clothing is, but it truly reflects the free spirit and is an expression of creativity. Let’s dive deeper into knowing the meaning of the term boho clothing, the material and elements used in making these clothes, and the techniques behind making them bohemian. 

What is boho style clothing?

Bohemian style is a style of clothing that is layered and not structured. It is formed of aesthetics that depict freedom and a carefree attitude. The colors, fabric, texture, patterns, and designs – all portray the unconventional style of living of people who are usually wanderers. They are known to move around the world for literary, musical, or artistic pursuits. Boho styles use bright colors, random patterns, and are mostly personalized. Bohemian is relaxed, imaginative, and liberated clothing.

It has evolved from being just a fashion trend to a culture. The clothing is matched with metal and stone accessories, creating a jumble of various rudiments.

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Where did bohemian style come from?

It has ties that date back to the late 60s and 70s. It is also called ‘boho’ or ‘boho chic’, and you’ll see the designs drawing inspiration from natural fabrics, simple plain shades, and hippie-style patterns.

Bohemian Style: behind the scenes

Let’s learn more about the materials, techniques, designs, and other elements of boho clothing.

This free-spirited style of clothing comprises many flares, layers, and cuts. Usually, bohemian clothing is made using natural materials in earthy shades and the designs are inspired by nature too. You’ll see a lot of floral, rustic, artistic, and folk patterns.


The materials used in making these clothes are natural, easy to wear, and no fuss. They are delicate and comfortable.

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The materials can range from:

  • Lace: bucolic and pastel shades, used for tops and dresses.
  • Denim: worn-out, stretched, ripped, used for bottoms, tops, bags).
  • Crochet: thick lacy material, used for dresses, crop tops, bikinis, bags, and even jewellery.
  • Leather: rustic, solid shades, used for bottoms, shoes, and bags.
Woven Vintage Style Handbag
    Woven Vintage Style Handbag

    • Wood: used for jewellery, accessories, and shoes.
    • Suede: used for accessories majorly.
    • Gems and Stones: natural stones and gems are used for accessories and jewellery or as embellishments on dresses.

    These materials are carefully picked and handled with care as the products are handmade.



    The designs are creative, random, and artistic. They are relatable to expression of freedom.

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    The patterns can be identified as:

    • Geometrical: These designs draw inspiration from geometrical shapes like square, rectangle, circle, or triangle.
    • Florals: Based on flowery themes, these patterns can be in various shapes and sizes adding freshness and warmth to the clothes.
    • Tribal: These vibrant designs are found in almost all boho clothes, and take roots to African culture. 
    • Countrywide inspiration: Bohemian clothes also use patterns inspired from Turkish and Persian cultures too. These are intricate and ornate designs.


    The techniques are used to make the designs unique.


    Purple Boho JacketPurple Boho Jacket

    Some of the techniques used to make boho clothes are:

    • Tie-dye: Some designs are based on tie-dye technique bringing in a rainbow of colors.
    • Patchwork: It is used to put in together different materials to weave them into vibrant patterns.
    • Block printing: It is used to print blocks on the clothes/bags/accessories.
    • Distressed: Used for giving a rustic, old school look to clothes.
    • Macramé: It is a knotting technique and makes the bohemian designs intricate.
    • Stonewash: This technique is used to give the garments a worn-out/worn-in appearance. It is used on denims or other hard fabrics to make them soft and flexible. The process uses large stones to roughen up the fabric being processed.

    To top it all, you can add some accessories and embellishments to your boho style dresses to make them exclusive. Check out some jewellery items that can lend a beautiful touch to your bohemian style clothing.



    Accessories make the boho clothing more stylish and expressive.

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