about us 

‘Where you rediscover yourself’ - this is what we believe in at Purple Boho! 

We believe in the free-spirit that you are; the independent you; we recognize the artist in you; the bohemian you. And that’s why we design styles that match your idiosyncrasies.

Purple Boho is a story that you’ll resonate with and be a part of; it’s a song that you’d like to sing; and it’s a place where you’ll rediscover your beatnik soul. Connect with who you are with our boho-styled merchandise that depicts the real you!

Founded in 2021 in Toronto Canada Purple boho is the brainchild of Avi who firmly follows the maverick spirit and brings it alive in the vibrant hues of our designs.

Reflecting the mod in a unique way, Purple Boho treads the path of freedom, taking care of your needs through our mindful products.

We offer a platform for those who want to find their expression; who want to live life their way; free souls who believe in creating a world of their own; a place to be among like-minded people; and a place to call their own.

Who we are reflects in our bohemian-styled designs and we feel proud that the community is getting stronger day by day!

We deliver mindful products keeping in mind the ecological responsibility and let creativity bloom. Most of our products are handmade in Nepal, Italy and Thailand and are 100% authentic.

We are a gender-neutral brand and offer contemporary styles that represent your hippie-style of living.

We aim to emerge as ‘the’ brand of the free-spirited people and level-up the bohemian fashion.

Our vision and mission is to spread the art through our marketplace and make known this peacenik style to its best.  

We are who you are. We are Purple Boho – your ultimate bohemian style shop.

about us