Handbag Felt Cosmetic Makeup Bag Insert Purse Organizer felt bag organizer


bag purse organizer insert, durable thick structured felt material yet noticeably light in weight.

Includes a detachable zipped wallet, multiple pockets to fit various items in your handbag or purse, pouch and a strap to attach your keys or other objects. This will allow you to find everything in your handbag with ease.

Be sure to measure your handbag or purse and compare with the following measurements below. Measure on the inside for accuracy, if you measure on the outside, take away 1" or 1/2" to insure a proper insertion.

Measurements are as followed:

M 9.25"x 5.9"x 5.1 -

L 11.4"x 7.1"x 5.9" -

SL (Slim Large) 13.78"x 5.9" x 3.35" -

XL 13.4"x 6.7"x 7.1  

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